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Welcome to Michigan K-9 Detection Group. Helping you ensure Safe and Drug Free environment. MK-9 Detection offers Explosives and Narcotics Dogs for hire. Our Canine teams are also available for Missing Persons, Personal Protection Details and security for large and small events.

 Narcotic  Detection dogs for hire.

Our trained staff specializes in School searches, Business and residential searches. We will provide you with Certified Police canines and Handlers. We are a private company and all results of the searches are kept 100% confidential. We provide a service to our clients Law enforcement will not be contacted.  Upon request MK9 Detection will provide a demonstration to show you, your students, employees and your community how effective using a canine is to detect Drugs.

With over 40 years of combined experience our handlers must maintain National certification thru NAPCH (National Association of Professional Canine Handlers), and attend weekly training. All training is documented and performance evaluated to provide you with the best quality of working dogs and handlers. Handlers will come to you in private unmarked vehicles to maintain your privacy. Our demonstrations our an invaluable tool for educating audiences on problems with drug use and the accuracy of using a detection dog to locate odor. Staff of MK9 Detection do not execute the search, we only provide areas that an indication was made. We work confidentially with your Administration and if the presence of contraband is found, it is 100% confidential and is handled 100% by you.


Drug Free School Programs

Drugs have become a growing problem in our schools today. Our staff will work with you to promote a drug free learning environment. Drug use goes hand in hand with crime and an overall drop in student performance. The National Institute of Drug Abuse reported that in 2009, 11.8% of 8th graders, 26.7% of 10th graders and 32.8% of 12th graders have used marijuana. 1 in 10 High School seniors reported non medical use of Vicodin and 1 in 20 students reported non medical use of Oxycontin. Our random searches can help rid your school of problematic contraband. Most students will change their drug habit at school if they think there will be random searches of their lockers. Public school officials have a duty to protect their students and provide a conducive environment for learning.Together we can achieve this, a drug free school.There is no school too big or too small, we will search them all.






Explosive Detection Dogs for Hire.

Michigan K-9 Detection Group is dedicated to providing world-class canine services to governmental, non-governmental and private entities. Michigan K-9 Detection has been at the forefront in the war against terror, placing our highly trained Explosive Detector Dog Teams in positions where they continue even now to save lives on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide you with a canine that fits your precise needs and mission. From single events to fully integrating K-9 Teams into already existing security, we have the skills and knowledge to make it work.

Explosive Ddetection Teams can be used in a wide range of areas to neutralize the threat of an explosives based attack. Entry point checks, vehicle sweeps, and building searches can be performed as often as necessary to give you and your people the peace of mind necessary to perform their day to day duties without fear. Having Explosive Detection Teams on hand has also been a proven deterrent in past conflicts. Knowing that a highly trained search dog stands in the way will often prove effective in dissuading an act of aggression.

Our Explosive teams work in the field every day and also train weekly to maintain profficiency. Contact us with your needs and we will custom tailor a solution for you. Michigan K-9 Detection is here to provide a service to all walks of life, we have very reasonable rates. Please contact us for pricing and any questions.


Personal Protection and Security Details. 

 MK9 Detection offers professional protections services for all occasions. We specialize in providing top quality K9 Teams. Our K9 Teams train for all situations and every level of protection. We will provide covert protection for a discreet approach, or overt protection for public events or situations that require a security presence in a professional manor. Some examples of our services are:

* Public events where violence or control is an issue. Also any public event you wish to prevent any drugs being brought onto your property.

* High profile appearances. The presence of trained canines can deter numerous problems. The public does not know if the dogs are looking for drugs, bombs, or are used as a guard tool.

* Executive Protection Details. These applications provide an added measure of security to the movement and protection of your executive. Our handlers can adapt to your environment, whether it is the standard BDU dress, the business uniform, or casual dress. We have even placed handlers in high profile positions in suits. We adapt a program to your needs.



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